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Riposto, The Harbour of Etna

The name “Riposto” is thought to derive from the vocation of this place for trade; indeed, here rose a place where goods sent via sea were stored (in Italian: riposte). There’s a strong connection between Riposto’s history and its connection with the as sea as the most important reason for its development, but if we consider its demographic development , it is mainly linked with Mascali county’s one.

Until the late 16th century this place, subject to pirates’ and Muslims corsairs’ incursions, was inhabited only seasonally ( mainly for commercial and military reasons), and only at the end of the century the first fishermen’s houses were built which let the beginning of permanent settlement along the coast.

Riposto was the place where the huge quantities of wine and the agricultural products, collected in the nearby towns, were stored and then sent in the whole Europe. The economy of Riposto is based on agriculture ( grapes, citruses, potatoes), on trade: export of wine, fishing ( thanks to its huge ichthyic market) and handicraft. Recently tourism is becoming important, thanks to the completion of the touristic harbour , called Porto dell’Etna and to the presence of accommodations and beach resorts. Inside Riposto’s harbour, at 6 km from Taormina and at the foot of Etna, is possible to take advantage of modern amusements all year long.

It is only at 30 minutes from the international airport of Fontanarossa and it is collocated in a strategic position for whoever wants to navigate the southern basin of the Mediterranean Sea. Among the many characteristic places we should remember the famous beach with white and dark stone which represents the most important richness of Fondachello, hamlet of Riposto, thanks to which during summer makes the little town a big touristic village with its many beach resorts and its many visitors.

This beach is even a part of a bicycle touristic path which starts in Torre Archirafi ( another of the many hamlets of Riposto) and ends in the nearby of the Alcantara River, though there is no reserved bike path. The view enjoyable from Riposto possesses something magical: in front there is the blue and deep sea and behind the big volcano Etna, and especially the Valley of the Bove. This valley is a huge volcanic hollow, created about 65000 years ago, 5km large and 7 km long, occupying the whole eastern side of Etna; its walls are 1000 tall and for those characteristics it is considered to be colossal. The majority of the volcanic streams of Etna converge here, inside the Valley of the Bove ( whose name has unknown origins) and for this reason it the point of arrival of almost all the excursions on Etna. From here it is possible to admire the suggestive volcanic activity and to ear the constant roar of the volcano, amplified by the concavity of the valley.

The Etna volcano is rich of volcanic caves which have been created by the course of lava streams and by its cooling. Those caves have different lengths from less than ten meters to over 1 km. Many of them, with an horizontal extension, are easy to visit. Visiting one those many caves let the tourist understand what it means to descend the “hell” of Etna, and to also understand some interesting aspects and dynamics of the volcano. Among the most charming and most easy to visit caves we find :” la Grotta del Gelo”,” la Grotta dei Lamponi”, “la Grotta dei tre livelli”, “la Grotta Cassone” and “la Grotta della Neve”.

Another legendary place is the famous “Castagno dei 100 cavalli” ( the Chestnut of the Hundred Knights) whics rose in the territory of Sant’Alfio, a small town on the east side of Etna. It is a huge chestnut, considered legendary because of its age; indeed, it is possible that it is 2000 years old. The name has been given because of a legend concerning queen Johanna of Angiò: the legend says that during a violent storm the queen and her hundred knights took refuge under its fronds.


Lodgings of " Riposto "

Residence Eloro

At about 500 meters from the S.Anna’s beach, in a little residence surrounded by a lemon orchard there are our lodgings, between Etna and Ionian Sea. The choice of putting them in the very heart of an important urban centre like Riposto offers to our guests the chance of peaceful lodgings with the possibility of having all the comforts offered by such a town. The residence is composed by two lodgings, both on a raised ground floor accessible through a little stair. Though they are contiguous, they are autonomous giving the chance to our guests of modular spaces adaptable with the number of guests. Before the lodgings there is a private garden, accessible through the terraces, nestled in the green and which offers an additional space for all the convivial moments of the day; an oak table, in the middle of it, permits to dinner outdoors, letting our guests to have picnics and barbecues of fresh fish bought in the nearby fish market. Your children will enjoy a safe space for their games or they will the chance of biking inside the wide condominium spaces.


The lodging " Tillandsia "

Wide and comfortable two rooms lodging with an hall-living room with any comforts. The kitchen is well equipped with all the accessories, the dinner room is composed by a table and some chairs and then there is the ling zone and comfortable sofa, that can be changed in a comfortable double bed. A little aisle divides this zone from the bath room, equipped with all the commodities. The night zone is made by a wide bedroom, with a double bed, sofa bed that can be changed in a single bed and a wardrobe. In the case of particolar exigencies it possible to add more bed or cradles. The lodging can accommodate a maximum of 5 adults and 1 children. The balcony-terrace is wide, and there are a table and some chairs, useful to spent pleasant evenings outdoors. Through a little stair is possible to reach the private garden.

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The lodging " Pomelia "

A comfortable two rooms lodging made by an elegant sofa that can be changed in a double bed, a modular kitchen, well equipped, with a living zone completed by a table and some chairs. A little aisle, where there is a wardrobe, leading to the bedroom, where is possible ( if needed) to add a cradle, and to the bathroom with the shower and independent services. Here too is possible to reach a private garden through a stair starting from the balcony. An important peculiarity is the chance of those two lodgings to be autonomous or connected depending on the exigencies of our guests and by their number for a maximum of 4 adults.

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