Acitrezza (Catania)

Apartments and holiday home


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Acitrezza has been founded by Don Stefano della Casa Reggio prince of Campofiorito, sent there because the eruption of Etna in 1669. During his staying he fell in love with this splendid county, which extended from the mythic cliff of the Cyclops to the wood of Aci, and so he decided to conquer it. Acitrezza is a fishing centre in the province of Catania, became famous for I Malavoglia by Giovanni Verga, considered a sort of lay patron, which tells the story of a family of fishermen living and working in

Acitrezza, in the famous “casa del nespolo”. Acitrezza is also famous for being the set of an extremely romantic poetry of ancient time, the one that tells the passion of the beautiful nymph Galatea, daughter of the water god Nereo, and of her lover, the mild shepherd Aci, from whom derives the name of many towns on the Ionian coast.

The landscape of Acitrezza is dominated by the “Faraglioni of the Cyclops”: eight huge basaltic cliffs and the Lachea Island that, in a mythological legend, have been thrown by Polifemo, the Cyclop, against Ulysses and his crew while escaping the giant. It is thanks to this legend that Sicily’s ancient geographical maps indicated Acitrezza as Ulysses’ Harbour.

The sea in front Acitrezza is part of a protected sea zone, which is extended from Capo Mulini until the harbour of Ognina and it is called “Riserva Naturale Integrata Isola Lachea e Faraglioni dei CiClopi”. The central zone of this protected zone is the Lachea Island, born from the eruption of a submarine volcano, whose name, of Greek-Byzantine origins, means “hill”. The protected sea zone of the Cyclops Islands offers amazing seabed for scuba diving. A really suggestive event is the “sea promenade” where local sailors took tourists on their typical rowboats, from the harbour to the Cyclops cliffs.

Acitrezza’s beauty was known in the whole Europe between the end of the 18th century and the begin of the 19th. It was thanks to the travellers of the Grand Tour, a custom spread in the European upper middle classes. Traditions attributes to Acitrezza the creation of one of the most appreciated Sicilian sweets, the ice cream. At their origins there is another product, the "sorbetto”. Tradition says that the original sorbetto ( a little frozen drink, with the addition of DOLCIFICANTE and fruit syrups) has been invented by the Arabs in order to avoid the ARSURA in their deserted regions; what is certain is that its modern name derives from the Arabian word “sherbet”.

Tradition affirms that an inhabitant of the “Terra di Trezza”, towards the end of the 17th century, have modified the production creating a special “pozzetto” ( a rudimental sorbetto maker or “sorbettiera”): it is from here that ice cream ( or “pezzi duri”) derive. Today the “granita” which is sold in the many PUNTI DI RISTORO of the town is known for its recognized high quality, but the town is based on a sea economy with an important ichthyic market. This vocation is present in the everyday life of the fishermen with songs in dialect that repeats the indications on the different phases of the fishing:

Sighting of fish

"A luvanti, a luvanti.
A punenti, a punenti.
A sciroccu, a sciroccu."

When the fish is caugt and hoisted on board

"Pottulu n'terra, pottulu n'terra; ca semu ricchi!
Pigghia 'a mannara, pigghia a mannara; ca semu ricchi!"
Pisci friscu, pigghiatu ora ora. 'U tagghiamu a Trizza stissu!"

When the fish is lost

Scialaràti, scialaràti, m'arruvinàsturu;
mi facìstuvu pèrdiri a pruvirenzia!


The Lodgings to Acitrezza (CT)

On the foot of the hill of Vampolieri, in Litteri street, we find our lodgings inside a little residence, immersed in the green and by a peaceful atmosphere. The context of the residence and the typology of the lodgings make their entrances autonomous and independent in order to guarantee the privacy of our guests’ holidays.
A wide parking divided in two contiguous forecourts will let you to easily park your car close to your lodging, or if you have a moped or if you want to use one of our bikes, you will have a comfortable garage equipped as garage.


Lodging " Lachea "

House Lachea is an elegant two rooms lodging accessible via independent and external stairs, with an hall, a wide living room and a kitchen equipped with many accessories. In the same space a sofa bed works as a wall equipped for television; in the living zone there is the entrance to a wide terrace from whom is possible to pleasurably spend your nights with the gulf of Capo Mulini in the background. A little aisle divides the rooms making you enter in the bathroom furnished with a great attention for hygiene and comforts, for it possess a wide shower, suspended sanitations and a sank.
Little and comfortable, the bedroom is lighted by a wide French window which is the entrance for a private balcony where there is a washing machine. The whole lodging is furnished with the attention for the maintenance our island’s identity, with accessories and pictures realized by local handicraftsmen, inspired by the adventures of Carlo Magno’s French paladins and by the traditional Sicialian Pupi. The lodging is conditioned.

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Lodging " La Longa "

A comfortable and cozy two-room apartment, renovated and furnished, which is accessed by an independent external staircase overlooking the parking of the residence. The apartment consists of two rooms: a large living room with wall kitchen including built-in appliances (oven, burners, hood, in the same room a double sofa bed serves as a living room with wall and flat screen TV 32 "and a table with 4 chairs, from the living area leads to a small hallway that separates the rooms complete with wardrobe with 2 doors and drawers first entering the bathroom furnished with hygiene and comfort with a large shower, wall-hung toilets, sink and washing machine Small and comfortable is the master bedroom, air-conditioned, lit by a large door that leads into a large panoramic terrace that will allow you to spend your evenings in pleasant company with the island LACHEA in the background. the apartment is furnished in search of sobriety with warm and bright colors that will give you the sense of the "sunlight" of Sicily. The house La Longa welcomes you in the Sicilian town of Acitrezza, at the foot of the hill, 9 Km from Catania, 34 Km from Taormina and 14 Km from the nearest Catania - Fontanarossa Airport.

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